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From Twitter 05-14-2011

  • 10:31:17: Top comment: "I hate the Youtube community... It's full here of pedophile bastards, and people without hearts... I hope you burn in hell."
  • 10:42:35: @madartista Well, next time I plan to be stranded, I'll let you know. What could possibly go wrong?
  • 10:42:48: RT @FilthyRichmond: Not a big fan of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. They always seem to end with me dying at a payphone in a hai ...
  • 10:46:31: The line between photography and graphic design is thinner than ever.
  • 10:47:10: The line between photography and graphic design is thinner than ever. Or is it that the overlap is greater than ever?
  • 10:48:31: RT @this503girl: He made a nasty comment about not needing all the "junk" I was buying. Told him it was for military care packages. Ever ...
  • 10:49:00: @gneicco I'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing. (It's both.)
  • 10:49:52: @madartista Oh, you will. #waitwhat
  • 10:51:18: @gneicco And Photoshop just made fakery easier to do — and often to spot.
  • 10:52:22: @Pubteam I don't shy away from controversy. Next up: AIRPLANE FOOD: NOT THAT GREAT?
  • 10:54:58: But the greatest of all dog filmmakers was Akita Kurosawa.
  • 11:50:50: The kids sitting behind me have put a lot of thought into how to hijack this train.
  • 11:52:19: Alfred Bitchcock and St. Bernard Herrmann #moviedogs
  • 13:32:39: This strikes me as most droll.
  • 14:25:05: Luc Bichon #moviedogs
  • 14:41:32: BEEG GOGGIE
  • 15:54:53: "There is an ancient and innate sense in people that numbers ought not to misbehave." - Douglas R. Hofstadter
  • 19:31:46: This one goes out to @p0rkch0pp.
  • 19:33:44: I still like Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • 19:35:08: @jenifersf I can't justify it.
  • 20:25:37: "God is the funniest man in the universe." — Running With Scissors
  • 20:58:56: I uploaded a @YouTube video All The Apparatus 5-14-11 (with shaky intro)
  • 21:07:55: @jerryrenek DId they have cards for Purple Nurple or Hindu Kush?
  • 21:26:02: Never Forget.
  • 21:30:36: I uploaded a @YouTube video All The Apparatus 5-14-11 (without shaky intro)
  • 22:08:17: RT @pdxOH: OH: "You know...he's the guy who 'talks like this...'. He was in 'Being John Malkovich'. Oh's John Malkovich."
  • 22:13:01: RT @HaveNotWantNot: The problem with the world today is people just don't frolic enough.
  • 22:15:35: Spaniel Craig #moviedogs
  • 22:16:13: Chihuahua McBride #moviedogs
  • 22:18:18: Just thought about the fact that my parents were both in public K-12 schools before Brown v. Board of Ed.
  • 22:20:03: I have to assume that many of the women and the gays think that Ryan Gosling is dreamy.
  • 22:22:07: @madartista @cathie10 The official representatives of the women and the gays have spoken.
  • 22:29:25: RT @HOBOTOPIA: Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1687
  • 22:33:03: @InfiniteChicken Whoomp?
  • 22:33:44: RT @ohpeetie: Life is not a box of chocolates. If it were, I would be covered in chocolate and a lot happier.
  • 22:35:01: @InfiniteChicken What was that? I stepped out of the room to grab a Colt 45 and two Zig-Zags.
  • 22:35:12: RT @camusdude: Loving Wyatt Cenac's standup! DOWN WITH SNOOTY ANTI-TV HIPPIES!
  • 22:55:28: RT @JerryThomas: I don't think playing catch with the kid was the problem so much as the fact that I kept dropping him.
  • 22:57:25: Watching Oz reminds me of why I don't want to be a public school teacher.
  • 23:10:42: Am I the only one who has a real pet peeve about people mischaracterizing Dan White's "Twinkie defense"?
  • 23:23:10: Who wants their portrait taken ON FILM?
  • 23:29:27: @mmmmaps You coming back to civilization any time?
  • 23:31:54: @mmmmaps Well, then you need to get your picture taken ON FILM. I'm taking a darkroom class and the next assignment is portraits.
  • 23:35:32: @mmmmaps MHCC
  • 23:38:21: @mmmmaps Yay!

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