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From Twitter 05-13-2011

Posted on 2011.05.14 at 04:01

  • 11:08:11: RT @FantaFun: @mitdasein Probably not! We're all about the fun and making people laugh!
  • 11:09:36: @batsly @infinitechicken RT @FantaFun @mitdasein Probably not! We're all about the fun and making people laugh!
  • 11:15:19: @InfiniteChicken Is TastyBite another name for tabby Tony? @batsly
  • 11:38:09: RT @nealbrennan: It would awesome if "2.5 Men" explained Sheen's character's absence from the show by saying he OD'd on cocaine and died.
  • 11:40:19: I'm guessing the comic book in Lost is a deliberate nod to Watchmen. #nospoilersplease #notthatidunderstandspoilers
  • 11:43:19: @Kouban I would read that.
  • 11:45:33: @Kouban I'll bet all the people who passed on the pirate horror comic kick themselves when they see ads for Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • 12:03:05: Tom Tom Cruise #instrumentpeople
  • 12:18:57: Most reality shows are dumb, but Lost is a pretty good one.
  • 12:23:54: RT @CoreyKeyz: Smiling is the best makeup a girl can wear.
  • 12:24:17: @yohanik http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki1kdyDSaus
  • 12:37:21: Oboe Bronson #instrumentpeople
  • 12:38:15: Lute and Oboe Wilson #instrumentpeople
  • 12:42:00: Peter Cellos, Slim Piccolo, Piccolo Kidman, Hi-Hatman Crothers, and other actors who've worked with Stanley Tubarick. #instrumentpeople
  • 12:45:00: RT @mahanaham: @mitdasein You forgot Shamisen Duvall and Kazoo Nicholson. #instrumentpeople
  • 12:48:54: It'd be nice sometimes to have a person who didn't speak English to talk to, as long as they didn't talk back. Until then, I have the cat.
  • 12:53:40: I just made some jokes about feeling up Edward O. Wilson's breasts. #sendhelp
  • 12:55:52: Jean-Paul Shartre #rudeintellectuals
  • 12:56:20: @poemblaze That is the only reasonable response.
  • 12:58:32: RT @NicLewis: @mocoddle That's what Neil Armstrong said when he faked cutting the ribbon at the Sacramento Taco John's grand opening.
  • 12:59:17: @NicLewis Having grown up in Sacramento, this scenario is terrifyingly plausible. @mocoddle
  • 13:00:16: Lost reminds me that a central problem of society is how to reasonably deal with unreasonable people.
  • 13:01:31: Jean Baudrillhardon #rudeintellectuals
  • 13:02:03: Immanuel Kunt #rudeintellectuals
  • 13:03:35: @NicLewis Of course, it's never been proven that "Sacramento" exists, but the math pencils out. @mocoddle
  • 13:04:16: Michel Fuckall #rudeintellectuals
  • 13:29:54: Should I go for a bike ride?
  • 13:30:35: @thehighsign Who also appeared in Notorious, did he not?
  • 13:35:50: @mmmmaps I always wondered if Monmouth was a real place.
  • 13:36:05: @thehighsign I had some peach crepes a couple nights ago.
  • 13:39:51: @thehighsign I thought he was pretty good, though it's not the biggest acting stretch. Would be interesting to see him do different stuff.
  • 13:40:13: @thehighsign I might even wear short pants like a fancy lad.
  • 13:40:54: Does anyone in #PDX have a Gorilla Grip (or knockoff) I can borrow?
  • 13:58:54: @mmmmaps Amazing.
  • 14:04:55: Alternatively, does anyone in #PDX have a helmet-camera I can borrow?
  • 14:05:03: RT @MrFornicator: Most people who say they don't give a shit are full of shit. If you really don't give a shit, you don't have to tell a ...
  • 14:28:23: It's getting to be the time of year for you to invite me out skinny-dipping.
  • 14:29:31: RT @FilthyRichmond: Picking up some puffy paint to write "All You Can Eat" on the crotch of my sweatpants
  • 14:29:49: @FilthyRichmond I believe it's now called "diddy paint."
  • 14:30:15: RT @BorowitzReport: In my opinion, the CIA should not release pictures of Bin Laden, but they should totally release his porn.
  • 14:41:38: I just went for a bike ride and, having exercised moderately, feel a little giddy. Is this normal?
  • 14:55:16: RT @MrEmilyHeller: I may not have all the looks in the world, but I think I've mastered a few: disdain, boredom, and rabies
  • 15:40:41: Apparently this "exercise" stuff is supposed to be good for you.
  • 15:42:56: Just learned that Tom Petty sings "free fallin'," not "free ballin'." I'm going to have to rethink my American Idol audition costume.
  • 16:00:06: The president says it's important to volunteer in the community, so I just volunteered to be a body-painter at the World Naked Bike Ride.
  • 16:04:45: RT @robdelaney: I love cornbread. Not as much as the woman next to me who has "CORNBREAD" tattooed on her arm. But I love it nonetheless.
  • 16:05:15: RT @badbanana: The Sleepover. After a birthday party, grade schoolers wake to find Mike Tyson and a tiger cooking chocolate chip pancakes.
  • 16:05:32: @knitterplease It's good to have a hobby.
  • 16:17:46: RT @sucittaM: Anyone who tells you that they'd take a bullet for you is just saying that you're the kind of asshole someone would shoot.
  • 16:18:05: RT @juskewitch: The Long Island Ice Tea is the Vietnam of drinking. Easy to get into. Embarrassing. People getting hurt. So many Asian w ...
  • 16:22:27: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/-iwG-mmmgJY?a Bike video test 1 handheld
  • 16:34:20: I guess those electronic cigarettes are cool, but I'm holding out for an HD crackpipe.
  • 16:36:36: @Kouban I'm telling you, dude. Firewire.
  • 16:43:17: Bike video test 1: handheld http://post.ly/22HXX
  • 16:52:09: It's been over an hour since I exercised and I still feel invigorated. Has anyone else tried this?
  • 17:05:17: Fair warning: if we get stranded on a desert island, I will be naked within an hour.
  • 17:07:15: @blogdangerously Good advice for virgins in general.
  • 17:19:13: You know those cards that say "life begins at 40"? I want to start sending those to pro-lifers.
  • 17:42:06: @SpicedGinger Yes. But you need to be completely naked.
  • 18:50:19: "That's not ranch. That's glue with bits in it." #shitmywifesays
  • 21:18:54: You know a movie is good when the cover lists NO personal names. http://twitpic.com/4xchc5
  • 21:19:48: Trotsky's favorite. http://twitpic.com/4xchrj
  • 22:06:24: RT @yohanik: Been sent a pic by @mitdasein with 'fistulated cow' in the link. Not sure I should open it.
  • 22:10:54: @Freya80 Are you talking about the movie, or is that your name for a sex toy?
  • 22:15:43: RT @heliumcell: Craig Wedren of Shudder to Think 's website is pretty mind blowing. http://www.craigwedren.com/

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