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From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 04:39:05: An important part of being an artist is not taking for granted things other people do. Allergies help with that.
  • 04:50:22: Bacon Air #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:50:42: Veal Genius #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:51:54: The T-Bone Collector #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:52:54: @SteveHuff You're sending me mixed messages.
  • 04:55:21: Sausage of Innocence (dir. Martin Chorizo) #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:55:51: RT @h0mfr0g: imagine a pennyfarthing motorcycle
  • 04:56:32: The Marrow Never Dies #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:57:22: Au Foie Gras les Enfants #antiveggiefilms
  • 04:57:36: @SpookyJanelle I beg to differ.
  • 04:58:29: Foot-Long Reservoir Dogs #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:03:21: Political "debate" in this country is too inflammatory. To do my part, I'm going to tone things down and compare everyone to Mussolini.
  • 05:09:41: My Dinner is Andre #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:10:23: @ohpeetie I like the way you think.
  • 05:11:30: RT @SleepTalkinMan: "I need this like I need a second crucifixion."
  • 05:12:25: Semi-Prosciutto #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:13:49: From Butcher With Love #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:14:30: Children of the Corned Beef #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:18:20: Chasing Pastrami #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:19:57: Swan in Lunch #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:20:20: @SteveHuff Keep on keepin' it real.
  • 05:21:12: Haggis of the Spider Woman #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:21:45: I should watch Kiss of the Spider Woman again. I might get more out of it than I did in junior high.
  • 05:22:34: Hitler reference FTG! (For The Godwin)
  • 05:22:57: Raging Lunchable #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:24:15: I really hope no one considers me a father figure.
  • 05:26:25: Oyster of Echoes #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:29:59: Au Jus Where Art Thou? #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:31:09: Das Boeuf #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:34:51: RT @UncleDynamite: You wouldn't fantasize about bringing Sandra Bullock home to meet your mom if you saw her beating a kitten with a gui ...
  • 05:35:11: @UncleDynamite You, sir, are not good for my asthma,
  • 05:41:24: @SusieKline I prefer yogalattes.
  • 05:42:44: The Osso Buco of Eli #antiveggiefilms
  • 05:50:58: John Cage would have been so proud of Nicolas.
  • 05:53:10: RT @Daanando: That makes no sense... please remain silent for 3minutes and damn it, i forgot RT @mitdasein: John Cage would have been so ...
  • 05:59:56: RT @sandwichpolice: Getting up early is stupid. Dora isn't even that hot.
  • 06:00:50: I think I'll talk about asthma some more. That never gets old, right guys?
  • 06:03:50: Quick—Charles Grodin or Bruce Dern?
  • 06:08:54: I'm just a man whose circumstances went beyond his control.
  • 06:13:10: RT @Daanando: you guys are going to cartoon hell. RT @mitdasein: RT @sandwichpolice: Getting up early is stupid. Dora isn't even that hot.
  • 06:15:50: Planning ahead for the next time I have jury duty. Which liquormakes one smell the worst?
  • 06:18:25: RT @The_Critic: Stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby s ...
  • 06:28:06: RT @someecards: [UPDATED] 9 new examples of horrific and embarrassing parenting on Facebook.
  • 06:34:27: RT @colsonwhitehead: I can't believe Bill Ayers stormed the compound & garroted OBL!!
  • 06:34:55: @HeyHosey Jism.
  • 06:35:30: RT @samuelheard: If you guys are ready, I'm all set to go ahead with live tweeting the bird feeders.
  • 06:38:02: @HeyHosey I'm suddenly uncomfortable.
  • 10:05:56: I spend a lot of time in dreams trying to gauge whether it's okay to skinny-dip in a given situation.
  • 10:07:17: @SusieKline Um, congratulations? ;)
  • 10:21:42: The cream cheese isn't in the frosting. it's in YOUR MIND!!!
  • 10:35:15: In the Swedish Rapture, the faithful will be flat-packed for efficient shipping to Heaven.
  • 10:37:46: Fear is a lifestyle choice.
  • 10:39:03: In the Canadian Rapture, the screams of the damned will be matched by the apologies of the saved.
  • 10:41:09: @JRehling I hope the do the Cardigans' cover of "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath."
  • 10:42:37: In the Southern Rapture, the saved will bid farewell to the left behind with a collective "Bless your heart."
  • 10:44:44: Canadians are kind of like Jews, but less high-strung. #culturefacts
  • 10:45:52: Homosexuals should be celebrated for preserving the traditional way of life they brought from their homeland. #culturefacts
  • 10:48:55: Contrary to persistent stereotypes, Mexicans do not uniformly prefer Edith Wharton to Henry James. #culturefacts
  • 10:50:47: In Denmark, the pastry known in other countries as a "Danish" is called a "Dirty Sanchez." #culturefacts
  • 10:56:26: The Eskimo have over one hundred words for "unfounded pseudo-intellectual meme." #culturefacts
  • 10:57:52: The existence of "Europe" was confirmed in a research laboratory at the University of Illinois in 1981. #culturefacts
  • 11:02:53: Despite the long and cruel tradition of "Polish jokes," Poles are actually no less intelligent than Latvians. #culturefacts
  • 11:06:07: RT @mocoddle: Of all the countries in the UK, Scotland tries the hardest to be exactly like Robert DeNiro. #culturefacts
  • 11:06:48: Belgium is lovingly known as "the Greg Kinnear of nations." #culturefacts
  • 11:09:57: RT @meganamram: You would not believe how many times Leonardo Da Vinci had to paint the Mona Lisa before he got one where she wasn't bli ...
  • 11:10:57: RT @lianamaeby: I mean, with a name like that, Goofus never really stood a chance.
  • 11:12:44: RT @h0mfr0g: @gneicco Hi Dave. I feel like solipsism is the only answer.
  • 11:17:22: RT @itsWatty: #animalfilms The Koala Purple
  • 11:24:27: @DrSnit I disagree. It is NOT OK to disagree.
  • 11:26:02: @smugglingplums @this503girl I second that nomination.
  • 11:34:26: @Spidey004 2.0?
  • 12:34:23: I would love to hear Spoon play "(Not Your) Stepping Stone."
  • 13:32:47: RT @RubenBolling: Still nothing. #livetweetingthewritingprocess
  • 13:33:18: RT @dantelfer: Haven't seen any signs but I think this is Portland. I'm in a city of wet beards.
  • 13:36:09: RT @matsholberg: If anyone tempts me to get ad hominem, again and again and again, it's those goddamn sanctimonious hypocritical Palins.
  • 13:36:43: RT @NicLewis: In Utah, culture is restricted to a low, 3.2% concentration that results in real culture being smuggled across the boarder ...
  • 13:36:52: RT @matthewcreid: Before Germanic cultures agreed upon calling it the "Umlaut" it was refered to as "you know, those dotty things in M*ö ...
  • 13:45:59: When someone on Lost says "long story," I suspect it's foreshadowing a flashback.
  • 13:48:36: RT @bondfool: I think I creeped the dog out by watching her sleep.

    Also, I got my hair done like hers.
  • 13:51:44: @amyzesbaugh Yes, it would.
  • 13:52:47: @amyzesbaugh Or you could have a multi-disc DVD player with shuffle and keep watching until you find an order that isn't confusing.
  • 13:53:59: RT @FakeScience: After landing on the moon, astronauts took many lunar samples but, ultimately, decided not to buy it.
  • 13:54:57: RT @YouYellShark: My next 'relationship' better feel like a Spiritualized record otherwise I'm not bothering.
  • 13:59:18: @Randazzoj That, I cannot explain. Curious.
  • 13:59:39: RT @Randazzoj: @mitdasein I don't understand why, but a majority of your RTs are somehow automatically favorited by me without me favori ...
  • 14:14:05: @amyzesbaugh Your sister was ahead of her time. @Paxochka
  • 14:20:24: Next week I get paid to be naked.
  • 14:58:36: @shamroxmysox Strictly in-call.
  • 15:00:28: @JoyOfSects Someone's going to do his dishes. If I don't take the money someone else will.
  • 16:07:01: Is Hurley a Sancho without a Quixote?
  • 16:11:29: Hey #PDX! I'm modeling for life drawing on Friday the 20th. It's $10 and details will be on the studio owner's blog: /
  • 16:32:36: @pithnvinegar I'm not sure yet. Where I am in Season 1, he has Quixotic potential.
  • 16:32:54: RT @TMAPodcast: vaginas are beautiful.
  • 17:14:57: RT @kyool: @MyVogonPoetry Chimera River #MythicalSongs

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