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From Twitter 05-10-2011

  • 08:31:45: @katerz1 Surprise, surprise.
  • 08:32:53: @sgnp On the plus side, sometimes we get to have sex with them! #dumbitdown
  • 08:33:48: White people do things one way, and black people do things a little differently! #dumbitdown
  • 08:42:43: RT @badbanana: Thank goodness for loyalty program emails. I keep forgetting what brands I'm loyal to.
  • 08:42:44: RT @serafinowicz: Here's something you never see:
  • 08:51:02: Hello, cough liar blotted lie
  • 09:03:04: RT @RubenBolling: hell YES. RT "danfrakes: Best NYT sports-section correction ever?" (via @thinkgeek, @glennf)
  • 11:06:38: I uploaded a @YouTube video America runs on Duncan.
  • 11:10:17: Lost seems okay so far, but I think it could use some nudity.
  • 11:17:17: Just started watching Lost, and I'm not sure what's going on. They explain everything by the end of the first episode, right?
  • 11:18:15: @ordermeanother I was wondering when Jeff Probst was going to show up.
  • 11:19:25: @suemaden First time. It sounded dumb when I first heard about it, and by the time it sounded interesting it was way too late to jump in.
  • 11:30:30: @helacious If you have to ask, I can't tell you.
  • 12:23:57: America runs on Duncan.
  • 12:42:00: Utterly gratuitous Duncan video (with dramatic music)
  • 12:48:40: I came up with a monopod trick.
  • 13:17:05: I uploaded a @YouTube video I came up with a monopod trick.
  • 14:32:08: RT @furrygirl: I've already been mocked by two family members for sitting around reading all day, like that's the most confusing/ludicro ...
  • 14:33:14: @furrygirl If you're going to "read" these "books" you could at least have the decency to eat animal products while doing so.
  • 14:37:05: RT @sushiewushie: Just saw in my timeline that a lovely lady I followed, @amalari, has passed away. Quite a shock, even on (cont) http:/ ...
  • 14:53:08: I believe in destiny, I just think it's always changing.
  • 14:59:13: RT @kellyoxford: GUYS: 'friend' all of your ex-girlfriends on Facebook, then 'like' all of the photos of them pregnant.
  • 15:03:41: RT @TerminalSingles: I'm at the ball park watching a woman with no teeth eat a hot dog and slowly realizing why I'm not getting any play ...
  • 15:23:04: I uploaded a @YouTube video Boaz Frankel at the Mission Theater 5-5-2011
  • 15:25:04: Boaz Frankel at the Mission Theater, 5-5-2011
  • 15:31:03: RT @VioletThunk: Ok, atheism and polyamory, I'm bored of you. Both seem arrogant viewpoints, like you should have all you want and that ...
  • 15:31:39: RT @KenPlume: Hey! UK! Better watch your ass, or I'll take out a SUPERDOUBLEDOGINJUNCTIONxINFINITY on you! #YouCantRetweetThisOrElseIWil ...
  • 15:33:21: RT @circulacion: My version of Kate Chopin's The Awakening includes navy seals, dolphin warriors, and renegade smack-down piano players ...
  • 15:37:38: RT @apelad: I've favorited 3,200 tweets, and each one is a precious gem, more resplendent than the previous.
  • 15:44:39: I get the feeling that Lost is kind of like a cross between everything and everything else.
  • 15:47:18: RT @brainpicker: Astounding vintage photos of Moscow, taken with a Graflex box camera in 1909 (via @openculture)
  • 15:56:07: Without Wikipedia, how would I have known that Buddy Hackett turned down the chance to replace Curly?
  • 15:56:40: RT @LynnBeighley: If wishes were horses, man, that'd be weird.
  • 16:05:05: RT @xenijardin: Was just introduced to a relatively new piece of Mac OSX malware via an @msnbc_us link (infected remnant ad?) http://is. ...
  • 16:05:38: RT @shanenickerson: The one and only @Caissie's very first novel came out today! I'd buy anything this genius woman writes: ...
  • 16:05:59: @robhuebel Save yourself some trouble and get a husband.
  • 16:08:34: RT @rachzorel: First testicular guard used in hockey 1874, First helmet used in 1974. It took men 100 years to realize that their brain ...
  • 16:11:20: Sierra Club emails me with "10 Wild Places to Hike (Before You Die)." If I went hiking today, I think death would be soon.
  • 16:28:19: RT @shanethevein: Never fails. Every time I meet a hot chick on Twittter, it always turns out to be a dude.

    What do you call that, Eddi ...
  • 17:11:33: I'm on the fifth or sixth episode of Lost and we still haven't gotten any backstory on Mrs. Howell.
  • 17:28:24: @Freya80 The Amish are a bit racy for my taste.
  • 18:22:01: @tabgirl Don't worry. The tabgirl reboot starring Vanessa Hudgens should be a big hit.
  • 18:25:23: Dewey the Right Thing #libraryflix
  • 18:25:33: To Circ With Love #libraryflix
  • 18:32:23: The Ref (Desk) #libraryfix
  • 18:40:15: The Da Vinci Barcode #libraryflix
  • 18:44:02: I subscribed to eyesalive's channel on YouTube.
  • 19:04:26: @Caissie You should come to Portland. You can read at America's biggest bookstore and see Duncan. @jenifersf
  • 19:06:12: RT @TeresaKopec: Best thing today: Secretary noticed electric doors mysteriously opening & shutting. Turned out to be copperhead crawlin ...
  • 19:11:47: @caissie It's true what @sgnp says. I hear people read books in Seattle, too. And it's safe now that @mocoddle is gone.
  • 19:12:33: @Caissie I would consider mailing Duncan if I had a reliable way to get the whole journey on video.
  • 19:13:42: @sgnp @caissie @jenifersf A West Coast tour it is! There might even be cities south of San Francisco. I've heard rumors.
  • 19:18:13: I uploaded a @YouTube video Duncan vs Becca and Matt.
  • 19:19:43: RT @paleofuture: I took a vegan anarchist to Disney World once. Shit got dicey. #realtalk
  • 19:20:05: RT @LillyLyle: The best take I've seen on the Obama war room yet: [via @ben_seven] a good laugh!
  • 19:35:19: Paul vs snap peas starring @sgnp and @boazf
  • 19:37:50: RT @Giania: @mitdasein nobody in government deserves to be batman
  • 19:39:02: "And then everybody thought they were Usher." #shitmywifesays
  • 19:45:22: @mocoddle You must have SONIC HEARING. @caissie @sgnp
  • 19:49:31: I uploaded a @YouTube video Paul vs snap peas
  • 20:22:41: Depression sucks ass. Cymbalta can help. #rejectedslogans
  • 20:23:34: "Don't lick your lips and blink your eyes at me, motherfucker." #shitmywifesays to the cat "I'll wipe that blink right off your face."
  • 20:24:30: "This competition is very competitive." — Romeo "You have to quote that." — Dana
  • 20:25:38: @UnseeingEyes I would feel trenchant.
  • 20:28:07: "You make a great creepy guy." #shitmywifesays
  • 20:42:41: RT @DearAnyone: I like the library because you don't ever have to ask if you can watch someone eat yogurt with their finger. It just hap ...
  • 20:51:40: At least Kelly Ripa is still older than I am.
  • 20:52:54: RT @SteveHuff: The working title of this thing I'm writing (it'll likely change) is ANGUISH. It's about puppies chasing butterflies. Int ...
  • 20:53:07: @SteveHuff Dude, the memoir craze has passed.
  • 20:55:30: RT @Starrlett17: Sarah McLachlan survives off of human tears.
  • 21:17:41: The insult "fucktard" is highly insensitive to the fucktarded community.
  • 21:25:18: Lesbian white supremacists: What would YOU do for a Klandyke bar?
  • 21:28:48: Asthma said knock you out.
  • 21:36:30: Someone didn't finish dinner.
  • 21:39:05: Nice nads.
  • 21:45:06: @glitterplease Hide your kids hide your wife...
  • 22:35:27: @VioletThunk Glad to know I still take someone's breath away.
  • 22:54:40: It is a rather suspicious coincidence that the space program started so soon after Roswell.
  • 23:07:46: One of The Twilight Zone's music's conductors was named Lud Gluskin.

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