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From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 10:44:44: RT @meganamram: Books = gay DVDs
  • 10:44:46: RT @capricecrane: Please tell me more about your allergies and how much you hate them. Really, it's riveting.
  • 10:48:47: RT @serafinowicz: One reason Japan has so many ninjas is their excellent stealthcare.
  • 11:05:43: RT @PaulyPeligroso: "Take a picture of me, like, of my back as I'm looking out over the city, and make it look like I didn't know you we ...
  • 11:06:20: @The_Critic A weird rider on the Hays Production Code.
  • 11:07:48: RT @UncleDynamite: Video: I’ve already alluded to growing up in the time of bell-bottoms and being a shaggy-head. My mother, a... http:/ ...
  • 11:17:45: @The_Critic Most people don't know that Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" is an oblique commentary on this odd practice.
  • 11:33:38: RT @HawthorneBooks: Did you know that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day?
  • 11:33:55: RT @batemanimation: I was kind of expecting Paul McCartney's new fiancee to have either zero or three legs.
  • 11:34:34: @SteveHuff Especially Tina Weymouth.
  • 12:19:33: Would a video camera be more stable attached to the handlebars of a bike, or worn by the rider?
  • 13:50:36: OH: "I didn't know there were two or three TSA agents around me."
  • 13:51:56: @ScreaminEmmy I want one, but don't know that I can justify the expense.
  • 13:52:50: Lady Gaga's Penis #fancyhorsenames
  • 13:53:36: The Singularity is Near #fancyhorsenames
  • 14:05:51: @FilthyRichmond I told you using it on your twat would clog it up, but did you listen?
  • 14:08:12: If promoting orgone therapy is wrong, then I don't want to be Reich.
  • 14:10:52: What would be the most stable way for a bike rider to carry/wear an iphone-shaped camcorder? Assume the rider is naked.
  • 14:29:44: A rare sighting of @mitdasein and @sgnp in the wild.
  • 14:56:38: @heliumcell You came up in a conversation last night. An OFF-LINE conversation!
  • 14:57:13: @SteveHuff Cameras were not allowed in the afterparty. @sgnp
  • 14:58:12: @heliumcell No, it's REAL. And so is @sgnp. I thought it was a trick of the light, but I saw him at night and during the day!
  • 14:58:51: RT @lizzwinstead: BREAKING: Bin Laden Notes reveal his growing frustration that no one makes a decent Gluten Free pasta #OBL
  • 14:59:17: @lizzwinstead I just KNEW that I would eventually find common ground with him.
  • 14:59:55: @heliumcell Well, I didn't see @sgnp make water boil, but I didn't see him NOT make water boil either.
  • 15:08:40: An old cop on Investigation Discovery just used the phrase "drunked up." I really hope it catches on. #drunkedup
  • 15:14:05: I'm launching a cable channel for wussy hetero men. We'll start with Frasier re-runs and the original series Being Ben Gibbard.
  • 15:21:30: PARENTS: Let me know ahead of time if I'm not supposed to call your kids "little bastards."
  • 15:31:49: RT @MichelleAguil: That proud moment when you type in "fa" in your browser and Favstar come up instead of Facebook.
  • 17:31:47: For some reason, I have moonshine on the brain today. I could probably cure my desire to drink it by drinking it.
  • 17:32:03: RT @Mr_DaiN: RT @LaceyLN: the weirdos that tweet shit like "plz RT me, it is all i want out of life!!!" r...well...weirdos.
  • 17:34:04: @ScottFriedstein Moby would be perfect. Sure, he's gay, but he's a big vegan nerd more than anything else. I hope Michael Cera's available.
  • 17:54:35: @pauljimerson I fear even Oscar wouldn't approve of white lightning.
  • 17:55:46: @SteveHuff You just watch fringe because of your longtime crush on Pacey from Dawson's Creek.
  • 18:06:36: Joose.
  • 18:11:53: RT @ancientportland: Thanks, Hendrik! RT @NewYorker #ff @ancientportland The preëminent authority on Portland, Oregon's ancient past.
  • 18:15:44: @Caissie As should all creative types.
  • 18:16:35: RT @Pix11Jodi: The public must never see the members of Seal Team 6 who raided OBL's compound. But shouldn't America see the hero dog?! ...
  • 18:18:06: RT @alqaeda: Not happy about being hastily buried at sea, but at least the Westboro Baptist Church couldn't picket the funeral.
  • 18:19:15: @euphoriafish I declare that @sgnp did great, and likes chips.
  • 18:20:24: @euphoriafish Don't give @sgnp snap peas, though.
  • 18:56:23: @euphoriafish I think @sgnp would be fine with those.
  • 18:58:46: Facebook thinks I'm some kind of weirdo.
  • 19:07:44: Errol Morris is my homeboy.
  • 19:47:37: @katerz1 @euphoriafish I appreciate the shout-outs, but I'm still not sleeping with either of you. (Both of you, MAYBE)
  • 19:48:00: Duncan and my ballot.
  • 19:49:54: @euphoriafish @katerz1 You two are the tops.
  • 19:52:34: Anyone know if Church's Chicken mashed potatoes are gluten-free? Their site just says it's not GF with gravy, as I would expect.
  • 20:21:32: About to try Church's Chicken mashed potatoes without gravy. If my tweets stop, my GF tweeps should avoid them.
  • 20:21:36: I uploaded a @YouTube video Boaz Frankel at the Mission Theater
  • 23:20:13: I uploaded a @YouTube video May 6, 2011
  • 23:21:13: #ff @sgnp understands things I say more than any healthy person should.
  • 23:23:44: @yimmyayo I want it.
  • 23:26:26: @mocoddle Nighty night
  • 23:27:10: Things I saw May 6, 2011.

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